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Embroidery is fast becoming the industry standard for dress down corporate apparel as well as an upscale addition to employee uniforms, sport team uniforms, and retail lines.  Embroidery offers endless possibilities for creative colors and designs, allowing casual  clothing to be integrated with your company identity.

Your custom logos or artwork can be reproduced. The process of reproducing your  images is known as digitizing. Digitizing is the transfer of your design into a language  understandable to the embroidery machine. We can create custom artwork or adapt your logo/design for application to the garment of your choice.

Here at Universal, we have a variety of embroidery machines ranging from a single-head unit perfect for small orders, and garment customization to multi-head units good for producing large orders that would be prohibitive to embroider on a smaller machine. All of our embroidery machines are made by Tajima and are operated by skilled professionals.